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12+ Farmer Co-ops | 2000+ Farmers | 80+ Products | 100% Naturally grown

How It Works

Fresh and healthy supplies directly from farmers
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YOU – Shop Your Groceries Online

Shop for your groceries Online. You can pay On-line or COD. You can choose to have your order home delivered.
Select from over 80+ Products grown without use of chemicals and pesticides
We work with Farmers to list their produce on our platform. For every product we provide traceability of where your food is coming from and transparently show the certifications if any for the produce
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WE – Procure from local farmers

We work directly with farmers and procure your supplies from specific farmer or farmer co-operatives on your behalf.
Fresh Stocks arrive every week
We have partnered with several farmer and farmer groups that grow food without using chemicals and pesticides. We follow a very strict policy on ethical sourcing and fair trade in our procurement process. For every product please pay attention to the Farmer Returns which we display transparently
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We follow a daily delivery cycle. Order before 5pm to get your supplies home delivered by next working day
We aggregate all the customer orders until end of Thursday. And work out a delivery plan to ship them to your homes or the pick-up locations as may be the case
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Get your order directly delivered to your home. It is that simple!
We ship supplies either to your home or to your chosen pick-up location. For pickup location orders, you will be required to pickup your orders yourself from the pick-up location. You pay for the order upon delivery for Cash-on-delivery orders

Community Supported Agriculture

Know where your food comes from
Buy your food from your local farmer

Our vision is to create a community supported agricultural ecosystem which connects our farmers with our conscious consumers. We will provide healthy, affordable, locally sourced, naturally grown, sustainable food without the use of synthetic fertilisers & harmful pesticides to our consumers and most importantly provide our farmers more value for their produce.

Jivabhumi focusses on building communities - Local Communities of Farmers & Farmer co-operatives, Communities of Concious Consumers and finally connect everyone to their food. With the founders experience of building large concious communities, we want to leverage the power of community to bring the "Community Supported Agriculture" model to help benefit both the consumer as well as the farmer. Our technology platform enables to optimise and scale supply & distribution. Also equip farmers with information, knowledge and technology to make farming sustainable.

The consumer signs-up with Jivabhumi to support and provide long-term commitment to a farmer/farmer-community who in turn agrees to grow food for the consumer using natural farming methods. The farmer benefits by getting a better price than what would be received through a middle-man or a government yard. The consumer benefits by getting better quality food than a supermarket. Both the farmer and the consumer are insulated from market price fluctuations.

  • 2000+ Farmers in the network
  • 80+ Products
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 12+ Farmer Co-ops

Healthy Living

Healthy, affordable and naturally grown Food for all
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Fresh and Healthy supplies directly from the farmers
Fresh and Healthy supplies directly from the farmers
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Deliciously Local

Seasonal food grown by your local farmers
Seasonal food grown by your local farmers
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Naturally Grown

Just like the way nature likes it. natural and sustainable
Just like the way nature likes it. natural and sustainable
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Chemical Free

Trustworthy food grown without the use of any chemicals and pesticides
Trustworthy food grown without the use of any chemicals and pesticides

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