About Us

Our vision is to create a community supported agricultural ecosystem which connects our farmers with our conscious consumers. We will provide healthy, affordable, locally sourced, naturally grown, sustainable food without the use of synthetic fertilisers & harmful pesticides to our consumers and most importantly provide our farmers more value for their produce.

Jivabhumi focusses on building communities - Local Communities of Farmers & Farmer co-operatives, Communities of Concious Consumers and finally connect everyone to their food. With the founders experience of building large concious communities, we want to leverage the power of community to bring the "Community Supported Agriculture" model to help benefit both the consumer as well as the farmer. Our technology platform enables to optimise and scale supply & distribution. Also equip farmers with information, knowledge and technology to make farming sustainable.

The consumer signs-up with Jivabhumi to support and provide long-term commitment to a farmer/farmer-community who in turn agrees to grow food for the consumer using natural farming methods. The farmer benefits by getting a better price than what would be received through a middle-man or a government yard. The consumer benefits by getting better quality food than a supermarket. Both the farmer and the consumer are insulated from market price fluctuations.