Seal Of Trust

At Jivabhumi, we acknowledge that transparency is important to build consumer confidence and it is one of the ways to establish trust amongst varied communities of consumers and farmers. "JIVABHUMI SEAL OF TRUST" represents our non-negotiable commitment and passion towards building an open, honest and transparent relationships with both our consumers and farmers.

The SEAL OF TRUST emphasises the revolution that we want to bring about in Ethical/Authentic (Natural) sourcing  standards, Fairness to farmers (Fair Trade), Traceability ( Traceable) of the food we consume and to encourage the growth in the economy of the local farmers (Local). Going forward, all our products will carry JIVABHUMI SEAL OF TRUST alongside the product images. When you buy on Jivabhumi, you are not just buying "SAFE FOOD", you are most importantly contributing to building "LIVELIHOOD FOR OUR FARMERS". So next time you buy from us, be sure to check out the "FARMER RETURNS" on the SEAL OF TRUST which is displayed prominently to know the impact your purchase is bringing to our farmer community.

Lets understand the significance of the SEAL OF TRUST a little more!

Jivabhumi works mostly with small farmers who follow the principles of organic agriculture such as The principle of health, The principle of ecology, The principle of fairness and The principle of care. You can find more details about these principles here (

Our Farmers use only natural and traditional methods of farming and do not use any soil damaging chemical fertilizers and poisonous pesticides during cultivation. The primary inputs our farmers use are cow manure and goat manure(Kuri Gobbara) and environmental friendly fertilizers such as Pancha Gavya, Neem Oil and so on. This sustainable natural farming technique is PGS Certified. PGS stands for Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), the globally accepted standards for sustainable agriculture practices. PGS initiatives are oriented towards small farmers that sell locally and directly. It is a quality assurance initiative in which peer farmers/co-operatives assess, inspect and verify the production practices of each other and decide if their peer group is entitled for PGS Certification. This is typically handled by the heads of co-operatives. It’s a participatory approach, a shared vision of the co-operative/farmers and a community initiative with significantly lower costs compared to 3rd party certification .

In addition to working with PGS certified organic groups, we also work with some farmers referred by our community of farmers who are in the process of obtaining certification. But sometimes, these farmers are individuals practicing Natural/Organic farming but are unable to join or form a group or community. These farmers abide by the same principles of organic agriculture, but lack peer reviews from a certification standpoint. So, we follow a strict procedure of regular and random checks by visiting them personally before we procure from them. The long-term intent is to form local co-operatives of such independent farmers and get them certified in future.

We believe, the food that we consume must not only be free from harmful chemicals & pesticides but also be as ‘Local’ as possible. Locally Grown food is not only healthy but also significantly improves the economy of the local farmers. Local means the geographical proximity (distance) of where the produce is grown from the place where it is consumed. With ‘local’ produce we would be able to connect with the local farmer, which connects back into a relationship with the source of your food. In addition, locally grown and sourced food stems the carbon footprint (food miles) of your food.

We take PRIDE in our responsible purchasing practices and therefore put lot of emphasis on Social and environmental standards. Our pricing strategy is primarily built to ensure maximum returns to our farmers and at the same time it is competitive and very transparent to our consumers. On an average, every farmers gets between 50%-70% of what consumers pay for the products bought on Jivabhumi platform. We not only ensure significantly better prices but also make on-time payments to the farmers. For every single product, we display the actual FARMER RETURNS via the JIVABHUMI SEAL OF TRUST alongside the product images online. It denotes the percentage of your purchase value that is paid back to the farmer. The monies remaining post the farmer payment is consumed towards other supply chain costs such as freight from farm to warehouse, processing & milling costs, quality control, packaging costs, warehouse & inventory holding costs, payment processing and Jivabhumi platform costs.

We at Jivabhumi ensure traceability of all of our produce. Our constant endevour will be to let our consumers always know "Where Your Food Comes From". Since our produce is picked up from local farmers it is possible for us to check and maintain the traceability of the produce which provides consumers with valuable and verifiable information about the produce they buy. At this moment, we ensure and track the traceability to the farmer community and their geographical location. The same is displayed against every product on our online platform. In future with the help of technology, we hope to put in systems to ensure traceability to the level of farmer for every batch of procurement wherever possible.

At Jivabhumi, we believe in establishing a long lasting relationship with farmers who work on the principles of organic/natural agriculture and encourage the other farmers to follow similar agriculture practices. With Organic/Natural agriculture, we hope to attain sustainability on how food is produced and consumed while establishing an ecological balance.